Education Committee Projects

The EdCom runs many initiatives to support acoustics students and educators. Here are some of the things we do.

International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

The ASA offers cash awards at ISEF to promote acoustics and recognize the accomplishments of high-school students. ASA’s long-time participation in ISEF recognizes the importance of promoting STEM education and generating interest in acoustics among all students.

USA Science and Engineering Festival (USA-SEF)

ASA offers hands-on acoustics demonstrations at the biennial USA SEF in Washington, D.C.. The festival is the largest free celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines in the United States.

Acoustics Demos for Middle + High School Students

Biannual hands-on demonstration sessions expose young people to opportunities in science and engineering and provide them an opportunity to interact with professionals in many areas of acoustics.

Listen Up! and Get Involved!

This acoustics demonstration session, jointly sponsored with the Women in Acoustics committee of the ASA, is designed to introduce young girls to acoustics through partnership with local Girl Scouts troupes.

Students Meet Members for Lunch (SMMfL)

This program allows students to meet one-on-one with an ASA member over lunch in order to encourage students to network with more senior members as they embark on their acoustics careers.

Teacher Activity Kits

The EdCom developed a free activity kit for teachers that includes the supplies and teaching instructions for a variety of lessons addressing acoustics for a range of K-12 students.

Technical Initiatives and Sessions

The EdCom sponsors technical sessions at the biannual meetings of ASA, covering such topics as distance education in acoustics and tools for teaching acoustics in undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Acoustics Education Programs

For students interested in education in acoustics and acoustics related fields, the EdCom oversees an on-line directory of programs from across the world, which can be searched by geographic region, institution name, and 13 sub-disciplines in acoustics.

Awards + Prizes

The EdCom presents a variety of prizes for students and teachers of acoustics.

Explore Sound

The EdCom developed the Exploring Sound Website for young people and teachers who are interested in learning about acoustics and scientists who study sound. The site houses several resources for students and teachers, including games, science fair projects, acoustician profiles, and class activities.